10% off Lowes, Best Buy & Sears

Today I discovered my 10% discount coupon for Lowes expired on the 28th – Uuuhhgg!  We are just getting ready  to go there and make a large purchase.  Soooo – I ran over to the Post Office to see if I could find the standard Home Depot Coupon they so often have in their Mover’s Guide.  I get there and there are no guides to be found, so I got in a very long line to ask about them.

LOW and BEHOLD it pays to ask.  They have them behind the counter now.  Here is what I found in it:  10% off Sears, 10% off Lowes and 10% off Best Buy.  Sears & Best Buy include a whole lot of electronic and appliance items (not computers, but they do include computer accessories, printers and home theater).

If your considering any sort of large ticket purchase then it might be worth checking at your local post office!

Posted by: on July 30, 2011 under Coupons

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