Good Price on an Adjustable (360 degrees) Aluminum Laptop Desk

Adjustable Laptop Desk for Great Price

Tanga has a good deal on a Laptop Desk today.  You can pick up this Multifunctional Powerful and Flexible Aluminum Foldable Laptop Desk w/ Cooling Fans for only $19.99.    This is an excellent price.    I  bought a nearly identical one last year, but without the cooling fans and it cost nearly $60.  It’s an interesting little stand and folds 360 degrees inall sorts of different adjustable positions.  It gets a little hot though, so with the fans it will probably be perfect.    The deal will only be available today (08/29) and you do have to pay $4.99 for shipping.   Here’s their product description:

“This multifunctional table can fold flat and is light enough to carry around, which makes it portable and perfect for traveling. It comes equipped with a 2-layer aluminum alloy panel and fully adjustable locking joints that allow you to modify the table to suit your needs. Suitable for 17’ laptop computers or smaller”.

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