About Me

Hello and welcome to my Blog.  I’m a self proclaimed gadget nut, lover of all things outdoors, sweepstakes fanatic, and bargain shopper.   I work full time and my schedule is usually packed, but I always find time for a little coupon and bargain hunting.  I love trying out new products and searching out a good bargain.  Whenever possible I’ll share those deals with you as well!

My main hobby lately is sweepstakes and my blog pretty much reflects what I’m doing at the moment.  Be sure and check out my Facebook Page where I tend to post the most.

Bear with me as this site is nearly always a work in progress.  Most of the work here has been done by little ol’ me and has always been an ongoing learning experience.  Feel free to leave a comment about anything you particularly like or dislike about my site and I’ll add it to my list of “learn to dos”!  You can also send an email here.

Thanks very much for stopping by!!


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