and the beat still goes on…

Well, I have been trying to adapt to only blogging a little in the morning and again at night.. So far it isn’t working very well LOL.  I will be gone again tomorrow, but then have days free again for a while.

Thanks very much for hanging in there with me though.  I won’t really know my true schedule until I find a permanent full time job, but I figured mornings and nights were a given, so have been trying to get used to that.  The problem is that I get soooo sleepy I miss everything!

I have mostly just been focusing on giveaways for you all until I get the posting schedule figured out!   I’ll try and check things out a little better in the morning.  Still haven’t updated the Instant Wins for May, but there are a number of them still active in my lists.

Thanks again for continuing to visit my page.

Posted by: on May 9, 2012 under Front Page Deals

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