and the Nozin Allergy Master Winners are…

Congratulations to everyone who won the Nozin Allergy Master Giveaway!  Here is the winners list (everyone has been contacted).  You must reply to me within 48 hours so that I can get the information over to the Sponsor (prize will be coming directly from there).

If you see your initials on this list then PLEASE check your email and spam folders (we don’t want to hold it up for those that have responded and the sponsor wants everyone at once)… and THANK you everyone for coming by to enter!

  • Julie B.
  •  Brynn D.
  •  Kristie D.
  •  Shari D.
  •  Mary Beth E.
  •  Kendra G.
  •  Diana H.
  •  Amanda H.
  •  Niana J.
  •  Cindi K.
  •  Donna K.
  •  Linda K.
  •  Heather L.
  •  Kasey L.
  •  Jenna M.
  •  Jennifer M.
  •  Emily N.
  •  Jessica P.
  •  Lisa R.
  • Brenda S.
  •  Rita S.
  •  G.
  •  Sarah W.
  •  Heather W.
  •  Danielle W.
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