Apply to Host a Riceworks House Party!

Riceworks is taking applications to host a House Party on Saturday, January 21st, 2012.  You can sign up here for consideration.  Be sure to “confess your snacking sins” by commenting down at the bottom of the page for a 1 in 10 guaranteed chance at getting selected!  Here is the info from their Web Page:


Do you have an evil snacking secret – a treat that is just too deliciously tempting to ignore? Share all your naughty holiday snacking secrets and sins with your girlfriends when you invite them over for the Riceworks® Confess Your Snacking Sins House Party. Everyone will get to confess their holiday snacking sins, enjoy delicious riceworks® recipes, and cleanse themselves of their evil snacking habits as they promise to snack on the six exotic flavors of riceworks® crisps from now on. It’s guaranteed to be a fun evening filled with hilarious revelations and delicious riceworks® the snack that Tastes Evil, But Isn’

Your exclusive Party Pack will contain:

  • 6 5.5 oz bags of riceworks®
  • 6 free riceworks® coupons for the host
  • $1 off riceworks® guest coupons

  • Recipe cards

  • Halos for those that confess

  • “I Confessed” stickers
  • and more
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