Bar Keepers Friend $0.99 at Safeway (unadvertised deal)

$0.50 off (1) Can of BAR KEEPERS FRIEND Cleanser

This is an unadvertised deal I picked up at Safeway yesterday and forgot to tell you about:  Print out this coupon for  $0.50 off Bar Keepers friend Cleanser.   Safeway has it priced at $1.99 (it is about $2.39 at Fry’s).   After doubles you can pick it up for only $0.99, which is an excellent price for this. I love this stuff for our stainless sink.  It also does an excellent job of shining up the copper bottom on our pans.  Yes, baking soda and cream of tarter work too, but not nearly as fast.   I’d rather pay a dollar!

Posted by: on September 12, 2013 under Coupons, Grocery Store Deals, Safeway

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