Beta Test a New Remote Control

Here is a new Beta Testing Invite that came into my email this morning.  You will need to register to be a member of OnlineBeta (Centercode) to sign up (it is free to sign up).  I’ve done testing for them before and they are a good company.

There are times when simplicity is needed. In the world of technology there seems to be thought that the more complicated a product is the better. Home entertainment has become the worst offender with the stacks of devices needed to be connected and operated to simply enjoy a good movie or watch a TV program.

Take control of your TV with a new product we are beta testing. Our client has designed a remote control that intends to simplify all this complexity. With a simple interface and just right number of features, this new remote will make your life easier and while still providing the performance you need.

Being involved in a beta test with Centercode is a chance to be the first to explore new innovations and learn about new products. However, we need people who can commit the time to test and know how to keep quiet about these newly released products. If you feel you match this description, click the link below to learn more about this beta test.

Please click the following link to apply for this test:

Posted by: on April 29, 2011 under Product Testing

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