Beta Test Opportunity for New Router

“Power. It’s what all true geeks seek. Whether slaying a monster in a video game or boosting the CPU speed in a PC, geeks thrive on power. Get a group of them together and immediately the bragging rights get tossed around the room.  The boasting might include video cards, monitor size, game accomplishments or number of cool toys. But the ultimate bragging right is the Internet speed.

Our client has devised a router designed to trump all other routers. Featuring Gigabit Ethernet, a USB port for wireless printing and music sharing, torrent support and movie streaming along with other high speed pursuits, this router is designed for the power user. It’s for the geek who wants to push the network to the limit and be top dog.

If you like things fast and have time to commit to a beta test, we’re now taking applications to test this new router. You must be willing to keep a secret and push the product to the limits with your Gigs of media content. You’ll need to be a US resident to qualify for this opportunity”

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Posted by: on April 23, 2011 under Product Testing

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