Blog update

Looks like my network connection is going to stay this time.  I am finished with my emergency freelance job, but do have apps out for more.  Planning to come back late this afternoon as I have to go to my regular job today (my termination is extended by a few weeks – at least that was the last thing I was told)  As it stands right now I am only available to blog when I’m not working or looking for more work.

I realize that I never posted the drugstore ads, but that is because I haven’t gone there myself.  As stated earlier on Facebook – there just isn’t any routine to my life right now.

I do plan to keep up with the product reviews and giveaways regularly and have several to write up for you within this next week.  So even though it isn’t the swiftest “freebie” blog right now, there will be fresh content coming available for you to read.

Hopefully I will talk to you all later today – Happy deal hunting!!

Posted by: on November 14, 2011 under Front Page Deals

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