In Home Focus Group Interview Phoenix Residents – Pays $200

Paid Focus Group for Recruit and Field

Recruit and Field, Inc. is doing an “In Home” Focus Group Study for a limited number of people who live in the Phoenix Area. This Study pays $200 and appears to be related to television viewing habits.  The details are listed below.  I did not ask permission, but if you are interested then I assume it is okay to contact with your replies to the Screener Questions (also noted below).

We are conducting very limited IN-HOME INTERVIEWS with people (see below to see if you qualify) who are interested in POP CULTURE (e.g. movies, music, TV, etc.)- there will be 2 researchers and 1 videographer coming to your home and you will be mailed a check for $200.00 in approximately 4 to 6 weeks from the study for your participation – there is a pre-task assignment that must be completed before the in-home interview. The conversation/interview will be audio and video taped for research purposes only – if interested and available please email the following information or if you know of anyone who might qualify please feel free to pass along my email.

Date and time: Thursday, December 6th – 9:00am to 11:00am, 12:00pm to 2:00pm or 3:00pm to 5:00pm
Must be from Phoenix and in need of:
Male – age 25-29 – Hispanic/Latino (e.g. Puerto Rican, Mexican, Dominican, Hispanic)
Female – age 32-34 – Hispanic/Latino (e.g. Puerto Rican, Mexican, Dominican, Hispanic)
Female – age 35-49 – Caucasian



Best daytime phone number to reach you:


City you reside in:


Educational Background:

Annual Household Income:


Which of the following television services do you receive in your home?


Which of the following networks do you watch in a typical month?

Discovery Channel
Cartoon Network
Comedy Central
Disney Channel
Food Network

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Hope Springs Ladies Night House Party

Head over here and apply to be a Hope Springs Ladies Night In House Party Host!

Party date: Friday, July 27 — Saturday, July 28, 2012
Host spots: 2500

If selected, your exclusive Party Pack will contain:

– HOPE SPRINGS canvas tote bags
– HOPE SPRINGS wine glasses
– Movie vouchers for host
– IOU booklets
– Set of romance conversation cards
– Marriage guides
– Mini posters

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New Redbook House Party for the Ladies

Apply to host a new Redbook House Party!  The party will take place on Saturday, June 23rd.  Fill out the application here and they will notify you if you are selected.  This looks like a fund one!

Prepare to play with gorgeous new beauty products, indulge in yummy snacks and sip fun summer drinks, all while catching up with your girlfriends (that’s right, no guys or kids allowed).

You and your friends will dish about everything you care about, from relationships to celebrities to the latest beauty trends — and everyone will leave with a fab goody bag. Girls’ night has never been this much fun!

Your exclusive REDBOOK Party Pack will contain:

  • Wine tote for host
  • REDBOOK tote bags
  • REDBOOK magazines
  • A complimentary one-year subscription to REDBOOK for host and guests
  • L’Oreal Paris beauty products
  • Lipton® Tea & Honey Mango Pineapple Iced Green Tea To Go Packets
  • And more!

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Paid Skype Interview on Digital Cameras Pays $85

For those of you who like Focus Groups and Surveys – I received this invitation from Plaza Research today:

Plaza Research is currently looking for participants who own digital cameras for a nationwide SKYPE interview. As with all Plaza Research studies, participants are booked on a first come first serve basis. Not all participants who reply to this email will qualify for this study, nor will everyone receive a callback. Please do not call in reference to the study. If you pre-qualify, a recruiter will contact you with further questions and details.

Digital Camera SKYPE Interview

We are seeking digital camera owners to do a brief 60 minutes Skype interview. This research is taking placing starting the first week of April 2012 at various times. The research will pay $85 for a 60 minutes interview.

If you qualify to participate, you will be paid for your time following your interview via a check that will be mailed from Plaza Research.

Do you know anyone who is interested in joining our online database ( They will receive a few emails weekly outlining various focus group opportunities. Please send the link below to anyone who maybe interested. If the link does not work please copy and paste the link into your browser.

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$75 Online Focus Group for Women 20-35

* just couldn’t stay away LOL

20/20 is sponsoring a $75 Paid Nationwide online study about TV for women 20-35.  Click here to take the Pre-screener and see if you might qualify!

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Duncan Hines® Frosting Creations House Party

Apply to host a Duncan Hines® Frosting Creations House Party on Saturday, March 31, 2012.

Duncan Hines® is about to unveil an exciting baking innovation that will inspire passionate bakers to reach new heights and unlock endless possibilities. Host the Duncan Hines® Frosting Creations™ House Party and discover boundless dessert creativity. Apply to host today, and you and your party guests will have an additional leg up to becoming the best pastry artists on the block.

Only residents of the United Stated are eligible to host this event.

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New 20/20 Research Study About Food – Pays $2225

20/20 has a new Research Study coming Available.  This one is on the topic of food.  If selected then you will be paid $225 for your time.  This is an invitation to see if you qualify.  If your answers fit what the researchers are looking for then they will call to ask more questions before confirming your place in the online study.  If you are not a 20/20 Panelist then you can sign up here.  Here is a copy of the email they sent to me:

We are currently conducting a research study regarding Food (#12-0048) and would like to invite you to participate using an online bulletin board.  A bulletin board is a new, cutting-edge way to conduct market research.  It allows you to participate from your home, office, the local coffee shop or any place that has a high speed internet connection.
 The online discussion takes place: The week of February 27th, March 5th and March 19th.  You will not be required to log on during weekends.  The discussion will require going online each day at your convenience and answer the questions, watched videos and complete specific activities posted by the moderator.  It should take approximately 1 hour of your time each day.
For your time and participation you will be given a $225 Online Visa Code, which can be used for online purchases at any website that accepts a regular Visa card.  As always, any information that you provide will remain strictly confidential.  To see if you qualify, please click HERE to answer a few brief questions.
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QA Tax Study Pays $250

For those of you who like to do Focus Groups and Product tests:  I received the following e-mail today and received permission to pass it along.  This is a paid Research Study about tax preparation and you must meet the specified criteria to qualify.  If you meet the qualifications then just call the number (at the bottom of the post) and leave a message if you don’t reach a person.  They do call back and you might just get in!

We have a  tax research study that pays $250. We would like you to test out a new version of TurboTax and in appreciation you would receive $250 plus your taxes would be filed at no cost to you.

 To qualify, all of the following must apply to you. If even one of the following are not true for you, then you do not qualify:

-You must be able to file your taxes as a 1040EZ form

-You must have done your taxes last year via Accountant, CPA, Family Friend,  at a Tax Place/Service (H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt, Liberty) or a tax preparation service (e.g., check cashing place or somewhere else). Basically you cannot have done your own taxes either online, via software, or via paper for last year. Someone else has to have done them for you.

-You must have done your taxes last year before February 15th

-You have not used any tax software such as Turbotax or Taxcut or any online websites in the past 2 years to file your taxes. More than 2 years ago is OK.

-You must have at least one or more W-2 for last year.

-You must be willing to wait until after April 1st of this year to file your taxes

-You must not have any 1099 forms, other than 1099-Int. So no side jobs that you got a 1099 for.

-You must not have sold any stocks or mutual funds outside of your 401k or retirement accounts

-You must be between the ages of 20-45 with or without kids. Ages 46-50 must have kids.

If you fit all of the above criteria, then great! You are very likely to qualify for our research and can call us at 1-818-622-4007 or email me with your contact information so we can screen you.

 If you qualify, we will let you know right then that you are in the research. Once you are registered for the research, we ask that you please do not get your taxes filed. On April 1st you will be given access to a new version of the TurboTax software to file your taxes on. Once you have done that, your taxes will be filed for you free of charge and we will compensate you with the $250 for participating in the research. We realize that you will have to wait until April to get your tax refund so we hope that the $250 makes it worthwhile for you.

 Feel free to forward this information to friends/family if you do not qualify.

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