Snomee Snow Dome and Gift Card Review & Giveaway

There are two things about being a blogger that I love.  First, I meet and talk to some really nice people.  Second, I am often introduced to some innovative and unique products to tell you all about.  The Snomee falls into that category.  I have to say that this is one of the cutest and most innovative products that I’ve seen in a while and I think you are going to like it too!

So what is a Snomee?  Take a snow globe, stretch it out, add a secret compartment at the bottom and there it is!  Well… there’s a bit more to it than that.  The Snomee is actually two gifts in one because that secret compartment at the bottom contains a gift card and the snow dome is designed with a matching  theme.  I received the iTunes Snomee – check it out!

If you hold it upside down there is a little compartment that snaps open to reveal a $25 iTunes Gift Card and notice how Santa sits between the ear buds with a little iPod in the back?  Is that adorable or what?  Who wouldn’t want to get this as a gift?  It sure beats receiving it in a greeting card.  It even comes in a fancy little gift box so you don’t even have to wrap it up before presenting it to your lucky recipient.

Snomee is about to launch a whole line of these clever little gifts.  They have a  coffee theme (think Starbucks), reading theme (think Amazon), home improvement, fashion and a whole lot more.  You can see the full line of Snomees on their Website.  These are a perfect gift for Christmas, but they aren’t just limited to a Christmas Theme.  If you happen to want a more generic gift card (like a Visa) then they have that too.  Snomee is in the process of developing even more themes, so you can give them for birthdays, special occasions or maybe just for no reason at all!

I love the Snomee and think it’s a great idea.  The Snomee is a unique way to give what is normally a pretty generic gift and the recipient has something to keep and remember it by long after the card is redeemed.   I encourage you to check out the website and look around.  Snomee needs to get $50,000 in pledges before they open up for purchase so be sure to get your selections in for the estimated ship date in November.  Make Sure you follow them on Facebook and Twitter because they will be starting a whole series of giveaways very soon.

Snomee has generously offered to share a randomly selected Snomee (containing a $25 Visa Gift Card) with one of my readers as well.  This is a Rafflecopter giveaway so be sure to click the button for each of the 5 possible entry methods for this drawing.  I’ll draw the winner (using on July 28th and notify the winner at that time.  The winner must respond to my email within 48 hours or forfeit the prize to an alternate winner.  Good luck everyone!

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Livrada e-Reader Gift Cards Review & Giveaway

I have a new and interesting product to tell you all about and I think you’re going to like it!  Who here does not have an e-reader of some sort by now?  I have a Kindle and just love it.  Sometimes I find books I’d like to share as a gift, which Amazon certainly allows you to do.  The problem is that is is very informal.  The only way to send an e-book is by purchasing a gift code that gets forwarded to the recipient via email.  I don’t know about you, but I find that a little impersonal.  There’s nothing to unwrap and in my opinion it takes away from the overall gift experience.

Well things are changing thanks to Target an innovative new company called Livrada.  Starting today, July 15th they are rolling out a new e-book gift card purchasing program.  To launch the new program Target will be offering six New York Times Best Sellers in gift card format!  Better yet, the cards are redeemable for both Kindle AND Nook platforms.  I don’t know about you, but I really like this idea.  The cards are designed to look exactly like the book covers, so they really make a nice presentation for a gift.

To redeem the gift card the user just needs to log in to Livrada’s Website and follow the very simple instructions printed on back of the card.  This is all they need to do:

  • Log into,
  • Scratch off and enter the pin number on the back of the gift card
  • Select the desired e-reader platform (Kindle or Nook)
  • Log into the appropriate Amazon or Barnes & Noble Account
  • Accept the gift just as you would had you received the book via an electronic gift code.
  • Download the book to the device as normal.

Right now the book selection is limited to six titles:  Fifty Shades of Grey, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, State of Wonder, Gone Girl, Charles Street, and Odd Thomas, but Livrada plans to roll out more titles in the coming months.  Plans are also in effect to implement support for iPad and other readers later this year.

I don’t know about you, but I really like this idea!  It makes for a more personal gift giving experience, especially when you want to include a card or gift wrapping.  I also like how you can browse the titles in the store just as you would an actual paper book.  I’m wondering why someone didn’t think of this excellent idea sooner!

Livrada would like to introduce one of my readers to this new program as well and they are offering one of my readers a “Fifty Shades of Grey” Gift Card to be used for either the Kindle or the Nook.  This is a Rafflecopter Giveaway with up to 5 options to enter.  I will draw a winner on July 26th and send notification via email shortly thereafter.  The winner will have up to 48 hours to reply to my email or an alternate winner will be drawn.  The prize will be mailed directly from the sponsor upon notification from myself.  GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

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Ecover’s Sunny Day Natural Laundry Liquid (review)

A few weeks ago the folks at NaturallySavvy sent me a bottle of Ecover Sunny Day Liquid Laundry Detergent to review and talk to you about.  NaturallySavvy is a website dedicated to natural, organic and green living and this product fits in perfectly with the topics they discuss there.  I have since used most of the bottle and am very pleased with the product.  Let me tell you a little bit what I’ve learned.

Ecover has a 30 year history of developing environmentally and sustainable household products.  Their vision is to contribute to economical, ecological and social change.  One way they do this is by the manufacture of 100% renewable and reusable plastic bottles.  This “PlantPlastic” Technology is implemented via the use of sugar cane.  The sugarcane is harvested to produce sugar, which is then fermented and distilled to produce ethanol. This ethanol is dehydrated to create ethylene, which is polymerized into PlantPlastic.

Ecover produces a wide range of natural cleaning products and I had the opportunity to try the Sunny Day 51 Ounce Liquid Laundry Detergent.  This laundry detergent comes in the same type of recycleable bottle described above and is developed to be 2.5x concentrated.  This means you can add a whole lot more detergent in a much smaller bottle because you simply use less.  They make it easy by designing a lid designed to hold exactly the right amount of detergent for one load.  I personally liked that the bottle was easy to store as well.  It was simply smaller, easier to handle and fit well in the cabinet.

The Sunny Day Detergent has a light summer scent, is HE compatible and formulated to keep colors bright. The ingredients are natural mineral and plant based, which I liked.   There is no need to worry about chlorine or phosphates and it is suitable for septic tanks.   I was actually pretty impressed with the results and found it to work every bit as well as the Tide detergent that I currently us.  It did an adequate job on heavily soiled items like rags and dog bedding.   I also noticed that it left a light scent to the laundry after washing, which was nice.  I can understand now why they give it the name “Sunny Day” because that was exactly what it reminded me of.

You can purchase Ecover products at most natural food stores.  Just check the Website to find a retailer near you.


Naturally Savvy sent me a bottle of  Ecover Sunny Day Laundry Detergent for this review. No Monetary compensation was received and these opinions are my own. You can read my Disclosure Policy here.

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Glassy Glass Cleaner From Natural House (review)

Hello everyone!  It feels like I’ve been away from my blog for forever, but I’m methodically making my way back.  You all know that I’ve been pretty busy with projects and tasks around the house and cleaning was on that list.  Normally I don’t like to clean house, but last week I received this new natural glass cleaner from Natural House and I was anxious to give it a thorough test.  The cleaner is called “Glassy” and guess what… it works!

Glassy is an all natural probiotic glass cleaner and like all other Natural House Products,  it is phosphate/APE-free, eco-friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable.  Natural House was founded by a husband and wife team with the goal of producing environmentally friendly and non-toxic cleaning products.  They manage to do this by utilizing  non-toxic, probiotic cleaning agents.  Probiotic organisms assist in destroying harmful bacteria.  They work in the cleaning process much the same way they do in the human body (like when we eat yogurt).

I used Glassy in just about every glass surface of our home and found it to be a good product.   It claims to be a “professional strength formula that leaves a streak free sheen”.  I found this to be mostly true, but did get a fair amount of streaks when I cleaned a large glass window.  It did perform very well on the bathroom mirrors and granite counters. It has a slight citrus fragrance that I liked somewhat.   I would rate it every bit as good as the more popular glass cleaners out there.  What makes Glassy different is that it is completely natural and the probiotics are supposed to keep killing germs until the next treatment.

I would definitely recommend this product for anyone looking for a natural alternative to traditional glass cleaners.  You can purchase it directly through the Natural House Website or from where it retails for $3.99 and is eligible for Prime Shipping.

I received a bottle of Glassy for the purpose of this review and no other compensation was received. All opinions are my own. You can read my Disclosure Policy here.


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Farm Rich Snacks Review and Giveaway

Farm Rich recently gave me a chance to try a couple of their snack products.  I’m familiar with the Farm Rich name, but had never tried them before last night.  These snacks are delicious and I’ll certainly be purchasing more of their products in the future!  Let me fill you in a little bit about the company and then I’ll fill you in with the details of my product trial.

Farm Rich makes wholesome, easy to prepare snacks and appetizers.  They have a very large selection of products to choose from too.  I always thought they just made cheese sticks, but have since been enlightened!  They actually make a wide range of different products, including Meatballs, Pizza Slices, Queso bites, Mozzarella Bites and Stuffed Pretzel bites just to name a few.  You can see a full list of their products on their Website.

We decided to try the Mozzarella Bites and cooked them up as a side dish for dinner last night.  I must say they weren’t at all what I expected.  I honestly thought they were going to taste like those greasy things you get at Jack In The Box and fortunately I was very wrong.  These little snacks were delicious!  They came in a generously sized 22 ounce bag of which we cooked up and ate about half of.  The product is designed to be cooked in the oven or microwave while still frozen (no need to thaw first).  I spread about half of them out on the rack of our toaster oven and cooked them at 400 degrees for just under 20 minutes and they came out perfect.  The cheesy bites are wrapped in a pizza style dough that cooked up soft, but not soggy (about the texture of calzone).  We ate them as a side dish, but these Mozzarella Bites would make a perfect snack or appetizer with a dip as well.  We will definitely be purchasing them again!

I highly recommend Farm Rich Products for any of you that have not yet tried them.  They are sold in the frozen food section of nearly every major grocery store.  You might also want to sign up for the Keep ’em Happy Club on their Website to get access to recipes, tips, Birthday and other special offers. You can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Farm Rich as generously offered to give two FREE product coupons (each valued up to $6.99) to one of my readers so that they can enjoy a delicious snack for themselves.  There are five opportunities to enter (one mandatory and 4 bonus entries).  This is a Rafflecopter Giveaway, so be sure and click “I did this” after each entry so it will count.  The Giveaway will end at midnight est. on Friday, July 13th and I will email the winner some time the next day.  The winner will need to reply within 48 hours or an alternate winner will be drawn.  GOOD LUCK everyone!

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and the Nature’s Sleep Winner is….

CONGRATULATIONS to Melanie M. for winning the Memory Foam Slippers!   Melanie has been notified and has 48 hours to reply.  For those of you who didn’t win:  stay tuned in as I have several new Giveaways coming up (things are a bit slow lately).  Thanks to all who entered.

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Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam Slippers Review & Giveaway

About two weeks ago Nature’s Sleep sent me a pair of memory foam slippers and the are so comfortable that I’ve worn them every day since!  Nature’s Sleep is a global manufacturer of specialized sleep products.  They are most known for their high quality memory foam mattresses, but if you visit their website you will see that they offer a whole lot more.  Nature’s Sleep makes a wide selection of memory foam pillow, toppers and even a pet bed!  Their products are designed with health and comfort in mind and most are washable, anti-microbal, anti-dust mite, anti-bacterial and allergen resistant.

Nature’s Sleep is focused on bringing us high quality products at an affordable price and their mission is to use premium materials in all their product offerings.  The best thing about Nature’s Sleep is that  they focus on more than just the health of their customers. They also rely on sustainable business practices to protect the earth as well.  In fact, Nature’s Sleep makes a strong effort in reducing carbon footprint during the manufacture and delivery process of their products by utilizing renewable sources wherever possible.  I am always in favor of companies that give back to the environment!

Now that I’ve introduced you to the company, I’ll tell you a little bit about the slippers:   Nature’s Sleep designs both open and closed toe terry and memory foam slippers in several different colors.  I received an open toed lavender pair.   The slippers are made of a combination terry cloth and next generation memory foam and are designed to be either spot cleaned or washed.  I have worn the slippers every day for over two weeks and can vouch for the comfort.  I really like the way they wrap my foot and provide soft, yet solid support.

I can be pretty tough on a pair of slippers and tend to wear them outside, both on the patio and on the grass.  So far these slippers have held up to everything I’ve dished out at them.  The soles are thick and strong and protect my feet from sharp pebbles and stickers when I go out to search for our paper in the morning and the fabric looks as good as the day I unwrapped them.  I haven’t needed to wash them yet, but I did wipe them off with a damp cloth once after my dog decided to drool on them, so I can vouch for the fact that they clean up easily.

You can purchase Nature’s Sleep directly from their website where right now they are offering 50% off by using the coupon code: BEARS50 at checkout.  They also run a new mattress giveaway every month that you can enter to win.

One of my readers is going to get a chance to win their own pair of Memory Foam Slippers to try out.  In order to participate you must sign up for the Nature’s Sleep Newsletter, which also gets you in the drawing to win a free mattress.  I will also offer 6 bonus entries.  This is a Rafflecopter giveaway so be sure and click “I did this” after completing each action.  This giveaway will end at 11:59 p.m. est on June 30, 2012 and the winner will be drawn through the rafflecopter feature.  I will notify the winner right after the drawing and they will have 48 hours to respond before an alternate winner is chosen.  Good luck!

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 I was recently asked to take a look at and comment on my experience there.  For those of you unfamiliar with, they sell prescription eyeglasses, contacts and sunglasses online.  I was happy to do this review because I just got my eyes checked last week and have been carrying around my prescription for just the right deal.

A lot of people are surprised to learn that I buy my glasses online, but sites like make it easy to choose just the right pair at prices much lower than you get at the Optometrist’s Office. Choosing your glasses is as simple as logging on and choosing the appropriate category (men, women, etc..) and starting your search.   The site offers a number of helpful filters to refine your search.  I was especially fond of the fact that you could filter to the “smaller” sizes as I always have trouble finding frames to fit my smaller sized face.  Even more helpful was the Frame Match feature.  This option presents you with a series of questions designed to narrow the choices down to frames that are most relevant to what you are looking for.  I tried my search both ways and Frame Match found 3 pairs of glasses that were perfect for me and it did it in less than 5 minutes.

My favorite feature of the site is the Virtual Try On.  You just upload a photo of yourself, adjust a couple of quick settings and you can see exactly how the frames will look on your very own face.  The site allows you to add frames to a “favorites” list so you can go back through them again when you are finished browsing.   If you still can’t make up your mind then goes a step further and will send them to you to try on at home!  You can choose up to five pairs to be shipped to your home in a pre-paid return box so that you can try them on in person and be absolutely sure they are the  ones that you want.

Going through the purchase process is as simple as transferring the numbers off of your eyeglasses prescription and onto an online form at checkout.  If you are confused or have any questions then they have live help right on the site as well as a toll free number you can call.   The prices are very reasonable, especially considering you are purchasing designer frames.  I found several very nice pair for under $99.  They even offer a 10% discount off any pair of their frames that you can find cheaper someplace else!  Even better, all frames have a 30-day no questions asked return policy along with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

As far as lens options, they offer the same high quality lenses you find at your Eye Doctor’s Office.  The base package starts with lightweight polycarbonate lenses and CleanShield™ No Glare lens treatment from Carl Zeiss Vision ( Most places charge extra for the lens coating) and you can add up from there. also offers a wide selection of both prescription and non-prescription sunglasses with the same search and try on features described above.

When it comes to shopping for glasses there is simply no reason NOT to shop through  The price match, virtual try on and money back guarantee features should cover any hesitations you might have and make for a great shopping experience.  I have three pairs in my cart right now!

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own and I was not forced to write a positive review. You can see my disclosure policy here

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