Absent Posts

I’ll be back again soon. ¬†Recently lost my Mother and just not into the whole deals thing right now ūüôĀ

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Meet with me on Facebook

Hi everyone! ¬†I haven’t been in the blog very much recently, but I have been posting to my Facebook Page, so if you want to see what I’m up to then visit me there for now ūüôā


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Life is busy and good and busy

I’ve been enjoying my blogging vacation, but I miss telling you about some of my stellar deals! ¬†I think I’ll wrap a few things up and come back soon. ¬†Look for some changes. ¬†Slow, but sure I’ll be making some. ¬†Have some new content to talk about and there have been quite a few changes that I need to look into before starting things up again.

Hope you all are enjoying your Spring!

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I had to go away a while

I am sorry to be gone so long you guys.. ¬†At first I was just sick from a sinus and eye infection, but a bunch of bad stuff happened and I just didn’t feel like blogging very much. ¬†Now I’m just extremely busy catching up from all that. ¬†I also am getting ready to start a new job, so things need to get wrapped up with my virtual duties. ¬†Give me a bit longer and I’ll start checking on deals again. ¬†Right now I’m not even using very many coupons.

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Update on post status

* ¬†I’m going to abandon the grocery lists for now and just post my favorites individually. ¬†It appears you all prefer it that way. ¬†See you as soon as I can.

Make sure to follow Dashing for Deals on Facebook because when things are very busy I often do quick posts there instead of the blog.

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A little status update

I just wanted to remind you all that I’m still working out some of the site issues with this blog. ¬†Please be patient and ignore some of the text and formatting issues for now. ¬†I probably won’t be back to full speed until that all gets fixed. ¬†Please, please let me know if you encounter any issues.

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