Opportunity to Test a New Television Receiver (select areas)


If you live near Los Angeles or Chicago (or know someone who does) then you might be interested in this email I got this afternoon.  Centercode is looking for members to beta test a new entertainment product (it’s a Television Receiver) and are actively recruiting members from those areas to participate.  Beta Testing is a little different than a typical product test, but can be a lot of fun for minimal effort.  You will need to fill out reports at least weekly and participate with other members in your group (via forum).  Sometimes you get to keep the product and other times they will compensate you at the end – just depends on the test.    I’ve done a few Centercode Beta Tests and have always had a good experience there.  Here’s a copy of the email for anyone who wants to sign up:

Dear OnlineBeta Member,
Over the past several days, we have been sending out a recruitment to all our members in Chicago, Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. We are conducting a massive project in these two cities but have not been able to locate enough participants.
In order for us to fill this test, we are soliciting ALL of our US based members to help. If you know someone who lives within 200 miles of LA or Chicago and who wants to test an exciting new entertainment product, please have them visit the following link to apply:

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Bic Fun & Flirty House Party is Taking Sign-ups

Bic Soleil House Party

Apply to host a Bic Soleil Razor Fun & Flirty House Party on June 1, 2013!  Fill out your information and wait to see if you are selected!

Host a BIC® Soleil® Fun & Flirty House Party!

Are you ready to get your flirt on? Gather your girlfriends for a BIC Soleil Fun & Flirty House Party. Treat your guests to a night full of laughs while playing games and dishing with your favorite girls. Be among the first to experience the brand new BIC Soleil Shave & Trim Razor and share how you can look and feel your best, whether it’s a romantic date night with your honey or a night on the town with your besties. So join in — you and your girlfriends are sure to have a night that’s fun, flirty and fabulous!

Your exclusive Party Pack will contain:

  • BIC Soleil Shave & Trim Razors
  • BIC Soleil coupons
  • Fun & Flirty card game
  • Flirty apron
  • Tiaras and masks



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Opportunity for T-Mobile Customers to Test a New Phone

Phone testing opportunity

Good morning everyone!  I am only partially available today (working online again).  I wanted to share this Centercode Beta Testing Opportunity with you all.  It’s an opportunity to Beta Test a new Phone and is only available for T-Mobile Customers.  For those of you not familiar with Beta Testing:  You do have to put some time into these.  The client is looking for real users and real experiences.  Expect to fill out reports at least a few times a week.  Here is the info:

Dear OnlineBeta Community Member,

Our client has decided that they want to expand this test to include more participants. If you originally considered applying for this project but didn’t, now is the time to sign up. If you already applied, we will be reviewing your application again for consideration.

Everybody has a smartphone these days; however, like your mother used to say, “If everyone jumped off a cliff, would you jump too?” Not everyone necessarily wants a high-tech device in their pocket. They want simple, easy to use products that do the job well. There are times when you just want a knife, not a Swiss Army knife. Likewise, there are times that you want a nicely cooked meal and not a buffet. Devices don’t have to do everything to be good. They should just do the job they are designed to do and do it well.

If you are a T-Mobile subscriber and have wanted a chance to try out a new feature phone, without having to sign a new contract, you may be a good candidate for our beta test. We are looking for enthusiastic testers in the United States who love to communicate via talk and text messaging.

If you feel that you are who we are looking for, and have some time over the next few weeks to commit to beta testing, please be sure to apply for this opportunity. If not, feel free to pass this link along to friends or family members you think might enjoy testing this new phone. Click the link below to learn more about this project.

The Centercode Team

Please click the following link to apply for this test: https://www.onlinebeta.com/r/?68337ADDC6C74D27B24324879D275F35

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Free 2-Week Trial of Align Probiotic

Align Probiotic Trial Pack

Vocalpoint Members – log in to your accounts.  They have a new offer available for a FREE 2-Week Sample of Align Probiotic. **not sure how long it will last.  If you aren’t a Vocalpoint Member then you can sign up here.  It’s a great program with many opportunities to try out new products for FREE or reduced cost (in the form of a coupon).  They only ask for your opinion in return.

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Free Vans Waffles for Survey Panel Signup

Free waffles for survey

I didn’t try this, but you might want to.  This is from their Facebook Page:

Join the Van’s Consumer Panel and get a FREE box of Van’s Waffles! Go to: www.opinionit.com

We’ve partnered with Opinion It to create a Van’s Consumer Panel that will help us learn from our most important customers–you! Members of our Opinion It panel will share their opinions about new products, healthy lifestyles, and more. In exchange, they’ll get free stuff like Van’s coupons and gift cards to Amazon, Starbucks, and more!

To join the panel, click on the link below, fill out the ‘Join’ box, and click ‘Get Started.’ Verify your email address and then complete the Van’s Welcome Survey. It takes less than 10 minutes to complete. As thanks for joining our panel, we’ll send you a coupon for a FREE box of Van’s Waffles!

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Apply to Host a Keurig Vue House Party

Apply to host a Keurig® Vue® House Party on Saturday, September 22nd!

The Keurig® Vue® brewing system is Changing the Way America Brews. Get your friends together to explore the new Keurig® Vue® and discover how it brews what you love, the way you love it. Enjoy stronger, bigger, hotter coffee, plus tea, hot cocoa, iced drinks and delicious specialty beverages, too. Everyone will savor every sip and have a blast with great games and activities! Host spots are limited, so apply today!

Party Pack, which will contain:

Keurig® Vue® packs
Keurig® Vue® apron
Keurig® Vue® napkins, cups and lids
Brew Over Ice tumblers
Cookies to accompany your beverages
After Coffee Signature Peppermints
Exclusive savings
And a special surprise!

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Apply to Host a Kleenex House Party

Kleenex House Party Opportunity


Kleenex is taking applications to host a Kleenex House Party on October 6th, 2012.  Selected applicants will receive 13 cartons of Kleenex Hand Towels and 13 Holiday Soap Making Kits to distribute among party guests.  It sounds like a fun opportunity, so be sure and put your application in. Good luck!



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Opportunity to Beta Test a Printer

Centercode is looking for Beta Testers to try out a new printer.  They specifically would like California Residents.  Here is a copy of the email they sent to me:

More and more people are working from home. Telecommuting is no longer limited to home based businesses. Now, corporations and small entrepreneurs alike are singing the praises of the home space as a work space. The only challenge for this environment is finding the right tools to do the job.

One component that is tough to match at home is a printer. Most corporate offices have fancy equipment designed to support hundreds of users. Our client thinks they have the answer in their new design. Incorporating every feature imaginable, it also places speed and connectivity as a top priority.

We are seeking people across the United States as well as users in San Diego and Orange County, California to test this new printer. If you know of anyone in the San Diego county area who might like to test this printer, refer them!

Please click the following link to apply for this test: https://www.onlinebeta.com/r/?C76C06DCE4E9413793C1B6E187D2302F

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