New Paid Research Study for Phoenix Area Residents

New Research Study Pays $90

Hey, if any of you are from the general Phoenix area you might want to take a shot at qualifying for this new $90 Research Study from Advanced Opinions.  It is a 90 minute study.  I’m not sure what the topic is, but it appears that it might have to do with radio stations.  Just fill out the Pre-screener and someone will call you if you qualify.   If you want to see what else might be available then you can check this link:

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Opinion Place Surveys Taking Sign-ups


I haven’t posted about Survey Taking in a while, so now is a good time.  I do a lot of these and Opinion Place is one of my favorites.  This is one of several Survey Companies that offer a lot of Home Product Testing.  I also like their point system, which makes it easy to accumulate enough points to actually cash in for something decent (some don’t) like Amazon Gift Cards!  If you want to do surveys then I recommend this one.

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Morningstar Farms Fresh Idea Panel Applications

Morningstar Farms is taking new applicants for their Fresh Ideas Panel.  I have been a member of this panel for quite some time.  I’ve never won one of the drawings, but the surveys are fairly short and interesting.  You might want to sign up and see what you think!   Participate in the surveys they send to your email and your name will be entered into a drawing for $100.  They offer a few extra perks there from time to time as well.

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New Sign-up Link

Those of you with extra time on your hands:  Have you tried doing paid surveys? is taking new sign-ups.  It has been a long time since I posted about this, but you can make a little spending cash by doing it.  I tend to take a few of these each week and am signed up with a number of different companies, which you can read about in earlier posts (keep in mind that these are older links and some may have changed).  Anyway, even at only a few a week I nearly always manage to accumulate enough points to buy myself something nice at the end of the year.  This is how I got my iPad, Dyson and Kindle!  Not a dime out of my regular earnings – all survey point cash and gift cards!  I do advise a separate email for these types of things as many send links daily.

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Sign up to be a Sam’s Club Panelist

If you like to shop at Sam’s Club then there is a new panel you can join.  Sign up to be a Sam’s Club Community Panelist and participate in surveys to influence future programs.  They are currently taking new applicants.

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Paid Study for Those Who Do Payroll

Intuit is conducting a pre-screener survey for people who own a business and do payroll.  I would imagine Accountants and Bookkeepers would probably qualify as well.  If selected they will send you a $75 gift card for participating.  I’ve participated in Intuit studies before and they are relatively simple.  You can fill out the pre-screener here.

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Paid Study on Medicaid Pays $100

Here’s another survey about Medicaid that some of you might qualify for.  It is from UserWorks (I’ve done stuff for them before and they are quick to pay).  The compensation is $100!

People with a professional interest in the Medicaid and/or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) are invited to participate in a study to evaluate a website.  Those who qualify as an evaluator will be given the opportunity to review the website and, by giving your opinions and suggestions, have a direct influence on improving the site.

Study details are as follows:

People with a professional interest in Medicaid and /or CHIP, such as
• State Government Employees or Contractors who rely on information and data pertaining to Medicaid as published by the Centers for Medicare and
Medicaid Services. For example: State Medicaid Managers/Administrators/Quality Management
• Health Information Analysts
• Healthcare Researchers or Policy Analysts

A one-hour evaluation session conducted over the phone and Internet.  You will be shown an existing website and asked to complete a few sample tasks while thinking out loud.  You will then be asked some follow-up questions regarding your opinion of the site design.

Monday, June 11, 2012 through Friday, June 15, 2012—at various times.  You select a time that is convenient for you!

From your home or work, where you can speak on the phone while accessing the Internet.

$100 American Express Gift Card, which will be mailed to you at the conclusion of the study.

Participant recruitment for this study is being conducted by UserWorks, Inc.  If you are interested in participating you may click on the link below and complete a brief survey.  If you qualify as an evaluator, you will be contacted by phone to discuss your participation.

Please feel free to forward this email to any of your colleagues who may be interested in participating in this research project.

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Paid Study about Adult Education

*finally home!  I got this in my email this morning and they said I can share it.  I haven’t tested if they reached the maximum respondents yet, but give it a try:

We are currently seeking individuals who have enrolled or plan to enroll in online undergraduate/graduate courses to provide their insights in an online survey. The goal of the study is to improve online education. As a thank you, if you qualify and complete the online survey, Resolution Research will send you $5 in appreciation for your time and input.

To learn more, just click on the link below for all the details and to take the survey. 


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