Changes to the Ad Match-up Lists

I’ll be going through the Drugstore Ads later today, but have decided to change the way I post these.  I am doing the same thing for the Grocery Store Ads.  I don’t feel they are being used very much and here is the situation:

I do not maintain a coupon database on this site.  Those database applications are not free and in order to subscribe to one I would have to post a lot more paid links than I do now (something I do not care to do at this time).  It takes a very, very long time to ferret out what I feel are the best coupons to match to the current ads.   A lot of bloggers just cut and paste the ad items and then put in the coupons that show in their database – I actually google every single item and search for coupon matches that way.  I don’t mind doing it, but my blog stats DO NOT show very many readers taking advantage of that hard work.  I’m going to start paying more attention to what you all like to look at on my site and obviously these lists are not one of them.

So, my intention is to go through the Ads and matchup what I would do for myself and not worry about the rest.  There will still be plenty to see, but the posts will come through individually and if there are enough of them for a given week then I’ll consolidate them into a “round-up” list.  I will continue to post “unadvertised” in list version.   If enough people show interest then I’ll go back to the original method, but right now it isn’t there.

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