Check Your Savings Apps and Print Your Coupons Tonight

Ibotta Offer for any brand of milk

Okay folks – I got home late and will tomorrow as well, so let me just say that Safeway had quite a few Just for U offers outside of what I posted this morning.  There are also a number of iBotta deals that came out today ad work well with the Fry’s Mega Sale, so make SURE you check that and your Checkout51 accounts before planning your shopping trip.  Remember, you still have time to do the Milk Savings on iBotta as well.  

Also, SavingStar released some new offers today too, including an offer on the All Detergent, which is still on sale at Fry’s and will be going on sale at CVS, so be sure to log in and add those.

Last – print what you need tonight as coupons will start resetting over the next couple of days and some of our favorites will go away.

Posted by: on January 30, 2014 under Coupons, Rewards

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