Digital Coupon Sites

Sign up at the Safeway Website and click the link on the front page to register your Safeway Shopper Card.  Once registered, select the “Just for U” Digital Coupons and go to the Coupon Center to select the coupons you would like to add to your card.

Sign up at Fry’s Food and add your Fry’s Shopper Card.  After that you can log into your account, select the Digital Coupons link and select the coupons you want to add to your card.   It is best to load the Fry’s Digital Coupons BEFORE the Shortcut Digital as there are many duplicates and it will not let you load them twice.  Also make sure to “like” Fry’s on Facebook as many coupons are announced there and only available through that link.  They often offer “store” only coupons such as 20% off Home Items or $1.00 off Meat, etc..


SavingStar is one of my favorite places to load digital coupons because of the way it works.  Instead of having your coupon amount deducted at the register during the purchase, they put the savings in your account there.  When you get to $5 you can request a check.  I like this because it allows me to still use a paper coupon without getting a beep at the register.


Procter & Gamble Esavers offers a nice list of digital coupons for many of their products.  Sign up for an account with them and enter the card numbers for your participating stores.  They currently allow Fry’s, but not Safeway (Safeway doesn’t do these anymore due to the abuse). 

When you register at you will be given the opportunity to add shopper cards for Fry’s and a number of other stores.  The coupons will come off automatically one time at the first store they are used at.

Cellfire works in the same way as shortcuts, but they promote their program to use with your cell phone.  You do not need to use your cell phone number for it to work, but if you do use it then you can specify rather you want to receive texts or not.   Register any qualifying cards at  Safeway is no longer a part of the Cellfire program, but Fry’s is.


Upromise Digital Coupon earnings are routed into a savings program that rewards you with money for college education. but you may also cash out the money you have saved in your Upromise account and receive a check you can deposit into your bank account and spend on anything you want.







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