How Do Printable Coupons Work

There are a number of places to print your coupons and you can find most all of them on my site, but nearly every major manufacturer will offer a printable coupon at one time or another.  Always check the “promotion” section of your favorite product manufacturer’s site.


Most printable sites require you to install their software on your computer.  You will not be able to print without it.  Occasionally your antivirus software and computer firewall software will block this software and you will need to research how to allow the installation.  If possible it is good to install more than one Internet Browser on your computer.  Some people have better success with Firefox.  Sometimes you will encounter a link that is coded for a particular browser.  If the page loads and says “printing” and nothing happens then this is most likely the case.


Printable coupons contain a unique bar code for tracking purposes.  It is illegal to copy or scan them so never do that.


Some stores have specific rules regarding printable coupons and others don’t accept them at all so be sure that you understand the coupon policy for your store.


Printable Coupon Sites change at the end of each month and also have a limit on the number you can print.  These sites track how many people are printing from them.  Occasionally there will be a very popular coupon that is being used for a current store deal and they will remove the coupon due to the excessive prints.  Individual Manufacturer Sites will do the same thing with their coupons so it is best not to wait very long to print any coupons that might interest you.


Certain printable coupons (known as “Bricks”) are programmed to only print twice.  You can print the coupon and then press your browser’s back button and refresh the page to get it to print a second time.  After that you will need another computer to print it again.  This also means that even if you “mess up”  by not turning your printer on or getting a paper jam, the Brick’s System will still consider that you printed it.  Make sure everything is ready before trying to print.


Sometimes people will email or post Bricks coupon links that that they copied from a firefox browser and they won’t work in Internet Explorer or vice versa.  If you get any type of “Install coupon printer” or “printing, please wait” error, then this is the likely case.  Again, it is easiest to install multiple browsers, but here is a little trick to make it work:  Just change two characters in the URL to make a FireFox link work in Internet Explorer and vice versa.


Here is a FireFox link:
hxxp:// c=GM&p=TyLrvKAY

See where I underlined the letters “wg” in the URL. This is the link that gives the “Install Coupon Printer” phrase in Internet Explorer.

To make that link an Internet Explorer link, just change “wg” to “wi” OR “vi” (it is a trial and error process, but one of those sets of letters will usually make it work).

You will do the opposite if you want to print an Internet Explorer link in Firefox.

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