What is a Digital Coupon

Digital (Electronic) Coupons are coupons that are loaded to your Store Loyalty card from a particular Internet Site.  You will need to create an account and register any qualifying cards on the site first.  After that you will be presented with some sort of link where you choose the coupons you want and then load them to your registered card.


Be selective in what you load onto your card as some sites have a limit as to how many digital coupons you can have loaded for a particular period.  There are only 2 ways to get a digital coupon off your card once it is loaded:  You will need to redeem it by purchasing the particular item OR you can wait and let it expire.  The coupons vary on expiration dates, but most expire within 2 weeks to 1 month.  Be sure to pay attention to when new coupons are added by signing up for reminder mails or checking back every 2 to 3 weeks.


Digital coupons do not double and are good only a single purchase.  For example: if you have a $1.00 digital coupon for Cheerios and purchase 3 boxes then you will only get $1.00 off the purchase, not $3.00.  After that the coupon will be gone.  Sometimes more than one  site will offer the same coupons to load.  You can load multiples, but you can’t stack them.  When that happens, the cash register will randomly grab one and the other coupons will still be available for a future trip.  For example: Cellfire and Shortcuts commonly offer Cookie Mix coupons for the same amount.  This means you would need to make 2 separate purchases and purchase 1 box on each purchase in order to use both coupons.


You can no longer use a Digital and Paper Coupon on the same item.  The register will beep when this happens and the cashier will look at the tape, see you already used a coupon on that item and hand the paper one back.  For this reason you should be very careful about what you load.  I only load coupons that are worth more than a dollar or for items that I rarely see a paper coupon for.  I do this because electronic coupons do not double and it is nearly always a better deal to use a paper coupon that doubles.  In the “old days” every coupon loaded for an item would come off on that item AS WELL as the paper coupon.  We got some incredible bargains back then, but too many people abused it and they reprogrammed the registers to make that stop.  I actually knew someone that carried 10 cards for this purpose.  This is one example as to why it is important not to take advantage of the little “glitches” in the couponing system.


You CAN use a digital and paper coupon on TWO or more of the same item.  Your electronic coupon will be attached to one item and the paper coupon will attach to the other.   You CAN nearly always ALSO use a store coupon with an electronic coupon.  Most digital coupons are considered “Manufacturer” and it is fine to stack Store and Manufacturer Coupons together.  The coupons are being reimbursed separately – one by the store and the other by the Manufacturer.


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