Diamond Foods (nuts) Class Action Settlement

Diamond of California Walnuts has agreed to provide $2.6 million in restitution to consumers to end the litigation. Requires that you purchased Diamond of California brand walnuts (shelled, chopped, etc) 3/22/06 to 1/30/12. Class Members who purchased a 3-pound bag of Diamond of California walnuts at Sam’s Club are entitled to receive $8.25 per bag, while Class Members who purchased any other Diamond walnut product can receive $3.25/bag. To receive your cash refund from the Diamond walnut class action lawsuit settlement, you must submit a claim form before 9/7/2012.

This website informs you of a proposed Settlement of class action claims against Diamond Foods, Inc. (“Diamond”) alleging that Diamond mislabeled and misbranded its walnut products. You are a class member if you are a consumer who purchased Diamond of California brand walnuts (which include, but are not limited to, Shelled, Halves, Chopped, Finely Diced, Chips, Nut Topping, and In-the-Shell Walnuts products) for personal or household use in the United States from March 22, 2006 through January 30, 2012. Purchasers who bought walnut products for resale are not included.

If you are a class member, Diamond has agreed, under the terms of the Settlement, to provide you with the opportunity to submit a valid and timely Claim Form through which you may be eligible to receive monetary compensation as discussed throughout this website.

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