Do You Use My Points

I’ve had the My Points logo on my site for a long time, but have never really said much about them.  It is one of the original and in my opinion “best” point sites out there (outside of swagbucks of course).   You sign up (they don’t spam you) and they start sending you a few links a week.  You are under no obligation to buy anything, but you get 5 points for clicking the link.  If you do decide to follow through on their offer then you get more points – offers range from newsletter signups to product purchases.

Your really missing out if you aren’t using them because it is a super easy way to accumulate points for gift cards and other merchandise.   I’ve been with My Points since 1999 and have redeemed countless gift cards for, JcPenney and Starbucks.  It takes only a couple of seconds to click their links and accumulate points.

Posted by: on August 11, 2011 under Rewards

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