Don’t Use GoDaddy

Well, GoDaddy let me down once again and after trying for an hour to get into my page, I finally gave up and went on to some other non blog work that needed to be done.  I’m back now and it appears to be working.  They keep telling me it is due to “high load” on the node.  I say that is a bunch of bologna.  Shared hosting or not, you should be able to use your page during normal working hours, which lately I can’t.  I have no choice, but to change hosts and will try and get that taken care of by next week.  I’m not sure who gets in and who doesn’t and they can’t really tell me.  Just the background – sorry, but not much I can do about it until I switch.

I am an affiliate with GoDaddy as well as a client.  I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone no matter how much they offered to pay me for a referral.  Stay away – this page is a perfect example as to why!

Posted by: on January 27, 2012 under Front Page Deals

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