Ebates 52% back on Magazines.com

Ebates is having a 52% cash back promotion for most magazine.com orders!  This would be an excellent time to subscribe if you haven’t already.  They offer a number of  great magazines, including “All You” (offered at 26% cash back).   If you aren’t signed up for ebates then you can do so here.  Just make sure to make the purchase through linking from the ebates site (otherwise they won’t know you purchased it and you won’t get paid).

For those not familiar with Ebates, it is a cash back shopping site.  There are many of these sites out there now, but Ebates was one of the originals.  You sign up and then shop various merchants through their site.  They offer different promotions for each merchant and run specials like this one pretty regularly.  The cash back goes in your account there and is paid out quarterly.  I’ve written more extensively about these sites here.

Posted by: on July 26, 2011 under Rewards


  1. Hi, Just want to clarify that All You is available at 26% cash back at Magazines.com. All other magazine subscriptions at 52%. Still a great offer through Ebates.

    Marie Fuzzell
    Social Media Manager

    • dashingfordeals says:

      Thanks very much for the clarification. I was a little confused, but am editing the post now.

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