Elsie – Adventures of an Arizona Schoolteacher

Elsie, Adventures of an Arizona School Teacher

I was happy to see that Amazon is offering Elsie – Adventures of an Arizona Schoolteacher FREE today for download to your Kindle.  Anyone from Arizona (especially from the Verde Valley) will really enjoy this book.  I read it quite some time ago.  It is super interesting and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Remember, you do not need a Kindle to read this and there are many alternative reading applications available for free download at Amazon’s Site. Don’t forget to get these as they come available because the price changes randomly (you never really know how long it will be free).

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  1. Those surely must have been the goodold days !

    • dashingfordeals says:

      Well, she seemed happy, but I am not so sure about them being the good old days. Something about living in that little shed in cornville during summer time just makes me wonder how she did it!

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