Express Yourself with Messages4U (a review)

I recently had the opportunity to test out and comment on a unique set of message cards called Messages4U.  No compensation was received for this review other than the product itself and these are entirely my own opinions:

Messages4U is a small company owned by a husband and wife team.  Their hope is that these cards can introduce a positive and uplifting vibe into our sometimes crazy and chaotic world.  The message cards are about the size and thickness of a regular playing card.  Each card contains the words “A Message for You” on the back side and the flip side is designed with a unique message along with an inspiring photo to brighten the day of the intended recipient.

The cards come in decks of 51 and each deck contains 4 different themes:

  • Messages for Friendship
  • Messages to Inspire
  • Messages for Children
  • Messages of Love

I received the “Messages For Friends” and “Messages to Inspire” Decks and found the phrases to be very appropriate for a variety of different circumstances.  I chose to hand them out in secret and suspect they did indeed brighten the day of the people who received them.    I left messages for friends, family and complete strangers and found my own spirits being uplifted in the process!

Some of the messages I handed out were:  “You make a difference”, “You matter to me”, “You are a gift to many”, “Blessed to have met you”, “Believe it is possible”, “Dream big” and “Believe in yourself”.  The cards are high quality, easy to carry and have pretty colors.  The only thing I might change about these cards would be to provide a nicer case to carry them in.  The plastic case that they came with broke down rather quickly in my bag, but the cards are thick enough that they did not bend or tear and I would still recommend them.

Each deck of cards retails for $12.95 and you can read more about the company on their website at:

I think the Messages4U product is a wonderful idea and a great way to express yourself in situations where you might otherwise not know what to say.

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