Fieldwork Research Study on Shopping – Pays $75

For those of you (who are female) with Smartphones and like to do Focus Groups – I received the following email from Fieldwork Market Research today.  You can click here to take the pre-qualifying survey.  If the survey results are what they are looking for then they will call to ask a few more questions and either select or disqualify you.  The study pays $75 and only one person per household can participate.  The study specifically asks for females who are able to use text messaging.  It is about shopping.

We would like you to participate in an OTS which would involve you receiving questions via text message which would last approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes total time. We will be conducting the questions at various times on Tuesday November 1st and 2nd.  At the conclusion of the study you will receive an honorarium of $75 for your time.           



Posted by: on October 18, 2011 under Focus Groups

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