Free Magic Wallet from L&M

Register and account at L&M (they make cigarettes) and then click either “Promotions” on the top menu or “Send My Free Gift” – They will send you your very own Magic Wallet for… my favorite word… FREE!

Note:  Because this is a tobacco company and you will need to use correct information (mailing address, spelling of your name, etc..).  This one didn’t even require an email address.  All Tobacco Promotions do a verifications for legal reasons.

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  1. martha j blume says:

    why is it hard to get into the web sites for the cigarette cupons

    • dashingfordeals says:

      Martha – this is the exception to the rule for alternate Identities. Legally they have to verify you are of age, so they want real info. If You have moved or anything recently then it will almost always lock you out. I only recently started being allowed to sign up online because the address on my DL didn’t match my mailing address. I think you can call them though and verbally verify.

  2. martha j blume says:

    some one needs to send cupons on a regular basis

    • dashingfordeals says:

      If you mean cigarette coupons, then I’d certainly get ahold of their customer service numbers and call them because they all send them out pretty regular like.

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