Free Subway Footlong through Offermatic

Have you signed up for an Offermatic Account yet?  Offermatic is a free service that matches offers to you.  You sign up and link a credit, debit or paypal account to them (I recommend paypal).  They match offers to you and the more you use the service the better it gets at matching the offers and the more credit you start to build up.

Here’s one of the latest offers (a Free Subway Footlong) and an explanation of how it works:

Get a Subway Footlong on us!

How it works

1. Sign UpSign up to Offermatic. Our service matches offers to you at no cost!

2. Load it – Connect a credit card, debit card or paypal account to Offermatic. Load the Subway offer onto your card and our proprietary offer-matching technology will analyze your purchase history to find you more relevant offers!

3. Get Paid! – Once we’ve verified your Subway purchase, you’ll get $5 automatically credited to your card

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