Free Video Workout Routines from Women’s Health

Head on over to the Women’s Health Website and get some FREE workout routines!  It looks like something for everyone.  It doesn’t appear that you need to watch the video in order to do the workout.  You could probably just load these onto your audio player and get to it!

Bikini Workout
This routine will get you into slammin’ swimsuit shape–fast!

Best Stretches to Start Your Workout
This dynamic warm-up gets your body seriously ready to turn heads

Poolside ShapeUp
Workout Firm up fast with these in and out of the pool moves

Ultimate Arms
Chisel your arms to perfection fierce upper-body-building moves

20 Minute Abs
Whittle down your waist in just 20 minutes

Alternative Abs
Crank up your plank with these ab-ripping alternatives

Boost Your Booty
Four bottom-beautiful exercises

Fat Frying Workout
Fat-blasting moves to tone every body part

Evangeline Lilly Workout
Scuplt island-worthy triceps and shoulders

Fat-Burning Yoga
Crush calories with heart-revving yoga

Four Moves for a Tighter Core
See results in your core, shoulders, legs, and glutes

Get a Tight Butt and Legs
Build sexier, stronger legs with this plyometric workout

Killer Swiss Ball Workout
All you need for head-to-toe toning

Get Lean and Fit in 7 Minutes
Improve flexibility, core strength and stamina–No equipment required

Look Great Naked
Get a tight stomach in just six weeks without doing a single crunch

Make You Sweat
Work up a super sweat with these 7 killer moves

Tone Up With Yoga
Strengthen and define the underlying muscles

Trick Out Your Triceps
Tone triceps into submission with these four fierce arm exercise

Sexy & Strong Arm Workout
Shock your half-way-there upper-body into ship-shape with these 5 moves for all-around tone

Get a Great Stomach
A new twist on the old crunch to flatten abs fast

No Gym Needed
A cheap, convenient workout for jaw-dropping result

15-Minute Dumbbells
This do-anywhere workout will trim and tone you to perfection

Stress Busting Yoga
Four yoga moves to help you relieve stress and go with the flow

Look Hot In Jeans
Easy moves to help you slip—not squeeze—into your snuggest pair

Cardio Carve
Ramp up your meltdown with a few fast moves

Boost-the-Burn Yoga
Kick up your yoga a notch or two with these 4 fat-melting moves

Best Workout for Your 20’s
This 8-move workout will keep your back as young as you are

Best Workout for Your 30’s
Get serious about your workouts now and you’ll outsmart fate in the decades ahead of you

2-in-1 Toners
Compound moves benefit your whole body–big timePerfect Exercise for Every Body Part
Get rid of flabby arms and jiggly thighs with these 10 compound exercises

Top 10 Yoga Poses
Bring your body back into balance with these 10 easy poses

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