Fry’s Official Electronic Coupon Policy

A few of you have asked me about stacking paper and electronic coupons at Fry’s.  Until now it has pretty much been a store by store issue – some stores seemed to allow it while others didn’t.  Fry’s has released an official statement on their Facebook Page and the answer is an official “NO”.  My understanding is that the cash registers are in the process of being reprogrammed to detect and disallow it.  At this time the Cashier will hand back your paper coupon should he/or see notice an electronic one for the same item.

Since Electronic coupons do not double, I’d say that from now on we should NOT load any electronic coupons that we know we have a paper coupon for.  Of course if you do not have a paper coupon(s) then certainly load them.  Also, you should probably still load the high dollar coupons ie) the $3.00 off Charmin on Fry’s Site, etc..

Personally, I think it is fair.  It is just a shame that they can’t void the e-coupon and allow the paper due to doubling.

Here’s the link to their Facebook Post.


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  1. I am going to try to use paper first then the card. I hope this will help with the new problem dealing with no doubling if the coupon is on the card.

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