Get a Free Premium Electric Shaver through BzzAgent

Most of you know that I participate in the BzzAgent Program and get to try out new and interesting products.  I took a break for a while, but am currently enrolled in a new campaign that I’ll tell you about real soon. I encourage all of you to try out the Bzz program.  Signing up is easy and the program is a lot of fun – you just talk about the product and pass along your coupons.  You report back to them each time you do so and they will reward you with points and a higher status in “the honey comb”.  The higher you are in the honey comb, the more invites you will receive.

Today they sent me an email message to pass along to you all.  If you know any guys between the ages of 13 and 20 then you might want to send them over to apply for a new Electric Shaver Campaign.  It will only work for new members:

We’re getting ready to launch a campaign for a brand new premium electric shaver, and hoping you can help us find the best people to join. If you know any gents between the ages of 13 and 20, invite them to become a BzzAgent for a chance to participate in the program.

Send them to to learn more and join.

Posted by: on January 27, 2012 under Product Testing

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