Good Price on Iams Cat Food at Fry’s

$2.00 off ONE Dry IAMS Cat Food

I went to Fry’s pretty early this morning and picked up a few things.  I didn’t find the Mega Sale to be especially earth shattering, but I was happy to get the Coffee-Mate (see previous post) and since my Cat drives me crazy if I buy anything other than Iams, I was happy to see it on the Mega List.  The price for the 5 pound bag was $4.99 (assuming a five item purchase) and there’s a Coupon for $2.00 off Iams Cat Food available to print, so only $3.99.  That’s a pretty good price if you have a fussy cat like me!  It really is pretty healthy food for them.

The large bags of Iams Dog Food are priced $16.99 on the sale and you can print a $2.00 off Iams Dog Food Coupon as well, so $14.99, which is a good price as well.

Posted by: on December 26, 2014 under Grocery Store Deals, Fry's

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