Heelys – Having Fun In My New Shoes!

About a month ago Business 2 Blogger offered me a new pair of Heelys in exchange for this review.  I did not receive any compensation other than the shoes for the purpose of review.


My first reaction to being selected for this campaign was one of pure excitement.  I’ve seen kids using these shoes and they look like a blast.  I’m not a young person, but I am young at heart and I really enjoy being silly and fun sometimes.  This seemed like the perfect opportunity.  I had visions of rolling through the grocery stores, rolling through Walmart and even rolling along our hard wood floors at my office!


My friends thought I was a little crazy and told me these shoes were for kids, but WRONG..  Heelys makes adult sizes too and they come in all sorts of nice styles and colors.  I went to the Heelys Website and picked out the Wave because I really liked the way the pink and black looked together.  After about 10 days of anxious waiting the shoes finally arrived.  I open the box, took out the shoes, popped in the wheel, laced them up and put ‘em on!

And the THEN IT HIT ME… . I don’t actually know how to roller skate!  A sudden sense of trepidation overcame me and my excitement quickly diminished.   I unlaced the shoes, took them off and decided this might be a good time to learn the art of patience and watch the Heelys Training Videos. The videos made it look pretty simple and so I watched “Learn to Heel” Video 5 more times until I was just sure I could do this.  I put the shoes back on and out the door I went.


The Video said to have someone guide you along in order to become comfortable with balance.  There wasn’t anyone here to help me that day and so I came up with the brilliant idea of using our Swiffer Sweeper as a crutch and it worked out great!  I picked an area of our carport that had a slight slope to it and slowly rolled forward while holding on to the swiffer.  I did this about a hundred times, going about 4 feet each time.  At that point I packed my shoes and my Swiffer into the car and drove to my Mom’s house to get some video footage.


My Mom was quite intrigued with my shoes and claimed to have been a master roller skater in her day.  I could tell she really wanted to try them out and since she was having  trouble with my camera, I decided to film her instead.  What a hoot!!  You can watch her here (I’m not a great video photographer, so forgive the sidewalk footage).  We had a lot of fun that afternoon and I learned that Heelys are pretty good exercise too.


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Well,  I never did feel confident enough to let go of the swiffer, but I did slowly kick off a couple of times and  skated about 8 feet.  I don’t think I’ll be skating through the grocery store any time soon, but I haven’t given up on learning to heel either.  With a lot of practice even a non skater like myself can do it.  You can always take the wheel out and wear them as regular sneakers.  They are a comfortable and well made shoe.


If you’ve been considering a pair of Heelys then now would be a good time because they are having a Labor Day/Back-to-School Special on September 2nd through September 5th.  During that time you can buy one pair at regular price and receive a second pair for only $30!  Get a pair for the whole family and go have some fun!


Check out the Heelys website or connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to find out more.







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