How to Change the Zip Code on (NEW Method)

Changing the Zip Code on the New Site

Ok, I am a little late with this post, but I know some of you have been confused by this (I was too at first).  Sometimes I do not have a direct link to a particular print as it is available through only certain zip codes.  In the past we could easily link in and change the zip to get to the particular coupon, but they have recently changed this.  For the time being you are going to have to put a little extra effort into finding these zip code specific prints.  Changing the zip on the “Local” Menu Item will no longer stick when you switch back to the the Manufacturer’s “Coupons” item on the menu .  Here is what you will need to do to get it to stick:

First you will need to have an account created at and it would be good to have the site “remember” your user name and password.  Most of you have already created accounts, but for those who haven’t, you can easily log on through “Facebook” when you first enter the Website (there will be a link on the main page).

You do not necessarily have to give your name and address when you set the account up, BUT you WILL need to give a state and a zip code (this is what we will be changing).

When you need to change a zip code, you will now have to change both the STATE and the ZIP in your Account Settings (located at the right end of the top menu).  Just click the little arrow next to your email address (when you are logged in) AND THEN change your zip code and corresponding state (or pick the white space at top for NO state) in your account settings.  I will always tell you the state and corresponding zip.

I know it is a pain, but that is the way it will be for now.  It appears that the folks at want to limit us to the areas we actually live in.  I’ll let you know if the method changes again (which it probably will)!


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