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My schedule has been too crazy to look at the ads and coupons this week, so I decided to post a few  Instant Win Sweepstakes and Games that I try regularly.  I know a few people who have won $1,000 on the SC Johnson Game, so give it a shot!

SC Johnson Happy Thanksgathering Sweepstakes & Instant Win – chance to win a $250 – $1,000 Visa Gift Card (exp 11-25)

SC Johnson Chaos Free Holiday Instant Win & Sweepstakes – chance to win $10,000 (grand) or various Gift Cards (exp 12-31)

Retail Me Not What’s The Deal Sweepstakes  & Instant Win- chance to win from $10 to $250 in Retailer eGift Cards (exp 12-31)

Stella Chalice Sweepstakes – chance to win one of 2,000 Stella Artois Chalices (exp 12-31)

Dr. Oz Watch and Win Sweepstakes – chance to win a $20 Visa Gift Card (exp. 01-16)

Better Homes & Gardens Decor Update Instant Win – for a chance to win a $100 Overstock Gift Card (exp 01-14)

Bed Bath & Beyond Happy Holiday Giveaway – chance to win various kitchen items & appliances (exp 12-23)

Toshiba Fant4Tastic Four Sweepstakes & Instant Win – chance to win a laptop, and various other prizes (exp. 01-31)

Frigo Lotta Ricotta Sweepstakes & Instant Win – chance to win Oxo Kitchen items (exp 12-31).

Bud Light Super Bowl Coin Toss & Instant Win – chance to win Budweiser Merch or Grand Prize to the Super Bowl (exp 02-07)

Coca-Cola Freestyle Mixing Sweepstakes & Instant Win -chance to win a $500 Digital Gift Card or Song Download (exp 11-30).

Mars Get Charged for the Holidays  – chance to win free chocolate or up to $15 in pre-paid debit cards (exp 12-31).

Mars NFL 2015 Game Sweepstakes & Instant Win (Facebook)- chance to win tickets to choice of all games of NFL Team of choice, Xbox merchandise, or a Coupon for a free Snickers Bar (exp 12-18).

Mars Twix Pick a Side Sweepstakes & Instant Win – chance to win 100,000 (grand), Song Download, or, Coupon for a free Twix Bar (instant) (exp 12-31)

Miller/Coors Keystone Light Hunt For the Great White Stone Giveaway – chance to win a backpack, jacket, or gloves (exp 11-30)

Apio Eat Smart Instant Win Sweepstakes & Instant Win – chance to win a $250 to $5,000 Visa Gift Card (exp 11-30)

Camel In Focus Sweepstakes & Instant Win Game (register) – chance to win various electronics prizes (exp 12-16)




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