Internet troubles and an update

*Update:  Still having a few problems, but it is better.  It is difficult to do much posting with it like this, so I’m going to break from the computer and try and wait it out.  Be sure and enter my giveaways (you can see the active giveaways here at the bottom of this screen).  Also – try your hand at some of the many Instant Win Games and sweepstakes that I have posted here.  I’ll check in again tonight and post some drug store matchups if possible.  Have a great day!!

Sorry friends – I’ve been having connection issues all day and been on the phone with my ISP for nearly as long!  I have very intermittent connection speeds and sometimes can’t get on at all, so posts will reflect that.  Right now I’m up again – I do not know for how long!  SOOOOO frustrating…


Posted by: on March 24, 2012 under Front Page Deals

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