IT Study – Pays $300

If you or someone you know happens to work in an IT Department then you might qualify for this upcoming research study through Qualitative Insights.  You can take the screener survey here.  When you finish, they will either tell you that your disqualified or that someone might be contacting you (meaning you might qualify).  Here is what their e-mail had to say:

We are conducting a nationwide online blog study for IT decision-makers
or IT influencers for an IT company or an IT department. We would like
to better understand your usage of certain software solutions.
Qualified participants will need to blog for five (5) business days for
30 minutes each day between 6/15-6/22. In appreciation for your time,
you would receive $300.00. You can do this from the location of your
choice – home or office.
To see if you qualify, use the link below to fill out the questionnaire.


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