Just an Update about the last few posts

Hey everyone – I promised you that I’d update the Instant Wins and I did add some over the weekend, but today I spent some time cleaning out the old ones and I’ve been adding more to get it all wrapped up.  I don’t mean to bombard you with Sweepstakes posts, but some of these are expiring at the end of March and I didn’t want to wait on them.

I will give you a list when I’m all finished, but there are a LOT of them in there already.  You can view them here.  Also, I’ve added quite a few Sweepstakes Posts over the past week as well.  I haven’t cleaned off the expired ones yet, but you can view those here (these are the type that you get notified about and you don’t know instantly).

I belong to a number of Sweeping Groups and I get a newsletter about them, There are hundreds and hundreds of these, but my fingers and your sanity can only take so many at once LOL!

You really should take a break and enter/play these sometimes (USE as separate email address as YOU WILL get spam).  I’ve won all sorts of great prizes on both sweeps and instants.  I usually do it to unwind when I’m in a bad mood!

* IF you do win one of these I would love to hear about it!

Posted by: on March 14, 2012 under Front Page Deals

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