More Liberte Yogurt Coupons – Free at Safeway

Liberte Yogurt Coupon

I rounded up a few new links for the Liberte Yogurt Coupon.  Liberte is priced $1.00 at Safeway right now (not sure on Fry’s, but it goes to $1 there often).  You will need to change your zip code (see below) in order to print this one.  Use any of these zips:  98552, 30350, 43125.  It is also available on Facebook, for anyone who has not already printed from there (not reset).

In order to change the zip code at you will need to log in (create a basic account if you don’t have one) and then go up to your user profile at the top right.  Change the zip code under your account information and click the “white area” in the “state” box (no state).  Now go to the bottom there and submit your changes.  It should be changed now and you can find the coupon under “food”.

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