Mountain Dew Gift Offer

Check out the new Mountain Dew Gift Offer.  Peel labels from Mountain Dew Products and receive prizes:

For 20 oz. bottles of Mtn Dew LiveWire, Mtn Dew White Out, Mtn Dew Voltage, Pitch Black, Mtn Dew SuperNova or Mtn Dew Code Red:
– 5 Labels for a Wristband; 10 labels for a T-Shirt; and 30 labels for a Hoodie.
– For 2-Liter bottles of Mtn Dew Typhoon (Available Only at participating Walmart stores):
– 2 labels for a Wristband; 5 labels for a T-shirt; and 10 labels for a Hoodie.

Posted by: on May 7, 2011 under Rewards

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