My thoughts on the Phoenix Coupon Ring Bust

So I think I’ll rant for just a minute.  I first saw this on the Phoenix News last week and ran into the online link last night.  As most of you probably know by now that there was a big Coupon Ring Bust last week in the Phoenix area.

Maybe it’s just me, but this is why I’m really not a big fan of “purchasing” coupons.  Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of legitimate coupon clipping services out there.  Basically, it is illegal to sell a coupon, but it is not illegal to “sell” one’s time for clipping them.  I personally feel it leads to the demise of moral character, both on the part of the seller and often times the buyer as well.  Even the real coupons have to come from somewhere and I have a rather personal experience with watching a person go to just a bit too extreme of measures to obtain them for resale.

Now this ring was in a different class entirely, but I’m pretty sure the majority of couponers out there HAD to question why ONLY this person had them.  Coupon Blogs are everywhere and don’t you think it was a bit odd that the purchaser didn’t question why others weren’t blogging about the deals to be obtained with these?  I am very glad they caught these folks and I know I’ll catch a ton of backlash for this one, but think about just HOW a seller might come to obtain thousands of insert coupons and ask yourself…  Do you really want to give them your money?  Seriously.. I feel there are more than enough coupon trains and trading sites out there to fill our coupon needs.  Promoting this type of thing doesn’t help anyone.

Regain control people!  It’s easy to get carried away on this stuff.  I’ve been couponing for over 20 years and just can not tell you how many great benefits we’ve lost due to the greed and ignorance of today’s bargain shopping crowd.

* Hey, my blog and my opinion….

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