Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Products Review


Recently I was sent a couple of Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Products to sample and tell you about.   I am happy to say I loved the products and would highly recommend them to all of you as well.


Naturally Fresh Deodorant is a product of TCCD International, the world’s leading innovator for deodorant crystals.   All of their deodorant products are 100% free of Aluminum Chlorohydrate, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol and Parabens (the bad chemicals found in traditional deodorant products).   Naturally Fresh Deodorant contains pharmaceutical grade mineral salts, which effectively kill odor causing bacteria while allowing for gentle protection that lasts up to 24 hours.


Their natural fragrances are derived from a blend of IFRA Certified essential oils and extracts and contain no allergens or phthalates.  They currently offer four invigorating aromas:  Ocean Breeze, Tropical Breeze Lavender and Papaya Fusion.


Another really nice thing (besides being free of chemicals) about Naturally Fresh is the variety.   Their products come in a solid, roll-on and spray in both scented or hypoallergenic, fragrance free versions.  As a matter of fact, they were the first company in the world to sell a solid crystal deodorant containing Aloe Vera in addition to being the first to patent a wide stick crystal deodorant.  Naturally Fresh really does understand the needs of their consumers.

I received a bottle of Fragrance Free Roll-on and Papaya Fusion Spray Mist and liked them equally well.  The roll-on was easy to apply and I liked the large sized ball because it helped it to roll better and go on a little more evenly.  It does stay wet for a moment after you apply it, but not for long and I did not find it to be sticky or uncomfortable.  The Spray mist was also easy to use and the scent was just light enough to be barely noticeable.  It was not overpowering at all.   I used both products before going to the gym in the morning and they kept me odor free and feeling fresh.  Keep in mind that this is a deodorant product and not an antiperspirant so you will still sweat.  It is the odor you want to eliminate and not the sweat.  Antiperspirants actually contain larger molecules designed to block your sweat glands (not a very healthy process).


I  was very happy with both of these products and will certainly be purchasing them again in the future.  I’m especially happy that I can now get my natural deodorant at a fraction of the price that I currently pay for a competing (and less effective) brand at my local health food store!  This is because the the Fragrance Free Roll-On is now available at Walmarts across the country for only $2.97 for a 3 oz. bottle.   Watch for the $1.00 instant rebate coupons on store shelves starting on Black Friday!

The entire product line is available at GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, New Frontiers, Fry’s and a number of other retailers.  You can check their Website to find a store near you.


Be sure to connect with them on Facebook and Twitter to stay current on product news and promotions.


I was given 2 bottles of deodorant for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own. You can read my disclosure statement here.

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