New Beta Test for Video Entertainment

Centercode sent the following announcement to my email today.  It looks like some sort of Video Device.  You will need to have an account there (they will offer a link) before you complete the pre-screener.

There has been a revolution in entertainment. We used to be relegated to a few channels on our television, held hostage by the television networks and movie studios. Satellite television and cable provided a little liberation with more and better choices. But still, we were forced to follow a schedule. The DVR struck a blow for freedom by allowing us to watch our favorite programming whenever we wanted. Now, our client has the next product in the entertainment innovation.

Providing hundreds of options with a touch, this product delivers your favorite programming, when you want it, by streaming over your broadband connection. Simple in premise, yet powerful in execution, this little device gives you unparalleled entertainment options with amazing ease of use.

If you want to experience the next wave in entertainment technology, please click the link below to learn more about this beta test being offered to our OnlineBeta community.

The Centercode Beta Test Team

Please click the following link to apply for this test:

Posted by: on February 1, 2012 under Product Testing

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