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For those of you who like to apply for Beta Testing Opportunities – you might want to check this new one out at Centercode/Onlinebeta.  It is for Avira Antivirus Software.  I actually use this software on my desktop computer and have always liked it a lot.  Here is a copy of the email they sent me and the corresponding sign-up link.  For those of you who have never done Beta Testing, it is very similar to a product test, but usually requires specific tasks be performed and reported on.

Dear OnlineBeta Member,

Our client, Avira, would like to announce a beta test for a new software product! Please note that this test is not in the OnlineBeta community. You will need to create a profile in the Avira BetaCenter community if you are interested in participating. Also, please feel free to post or pass this recruitment along to friends, colleagues and family members.

Avira is currently developing the next generation of cloud-based protection software. They therefore would like to invite you to test their beta version – it’s free, resource-light and above all, analyses your computer for any malicious software.

Simply download the client and start scanning after an express installation!

Protection is based on the most current malware information at all times, not just when your antivirus software downloads virus definitions. This is achieved through files being accessed by your computer, being matched against the fingerprints of files stored in the cloud. As more scanning is done by Avira’s supercomputing malware analysis grid, less processing power is required by the antivirus application.

Through this technology their Virus Lab has access to unknown files at an earlier stage, so it can classify them sooner and with more sophisticated analysis systems. Last but not least, the Protection Cloud serves as a central location to observe attempted cyber-attacks throughout our user base. In turn, their ability to address potential outbreaks is dramatically enhanced.

To take part in this latest test drive of cloud-protection software and to help Avira to establish the protection of tomorrow, please sign up here:

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