New Centercode Beta Test – Home Media Centers

Your television is no longer just a television. With the arrival of HD, more and more people are connecting their computers for the purpose of enjoying the multimedia capabilities of the modern PC. Surf the web; navigate through your favorite pics and music; or watch your DVR through your computer, the PC and TV are nearly a perfect pair.

Our client has created a new product that makes this marriage of PC and TV complete perfection. This new keyboard-mouse combination provides a terrific compliment to your connected PC or laptop. Wireless and filled with functionality, this product will give you the control you need to complete the ideal multimedia system.

We are looking for people who have taken their HD television and turned it into a media center with a PC attached. We welcome both laptop users who leave it temporarily connected and those with dedicated computers. Click below to learn more about how you can apply for this beta test opportunity.

Please click the following link to apply for this test:

Posted by: on March 16, 2011 under Product Testing

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