New Checkout51 Offers Available Today

Checkout 51 Offers

We have new Checkout 51 offers available today, so be sure and give it a look before planning your purchases this week.   Probably one of the simplest offers there is “Save $0.50 on any brand of orange juice (59 oz.) or more.

If you haven’t signed up then you should.  It is completely free and the offers are good for any store.  It’s actually simpler to use than the iBotta app, which by the way has new offers available as well, including the $0.50 on any brand of milk!

If you aren’t familiar with how these work: you just sign up and/or download the App.  Purchase the participating product and use the application to take a picture of your receipt (cellphone, ipad, etc..).  It walks you through the whole thing and is extremely simple.  For iBotta it will require a second step and will also want to scan the UPC from the product.  After that you submit and wait for the savings amount to go into your account.  The nice thing about these programs is that you can still use your paper and other digital coupons in combination with their offers.

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