New High Value Coupons and Free Fish Food

Some things are certain in life and one of them is that I need to get a new computer LOL…  Anyway, I finally managed to get this old one working for now, but it is slooooow.  Here are some new coupons for you to print off this morning:  The $1.00/1 Land O Lakes Saute’ Express was released this morning an the $2.00 Tetra Coupon came out yesterday.  There’s also a fairly new $1.50/1 Stouffer’s Family Size Coupon available to print.  You can find them all at this link.  I know the fish food is free at most Walmarts after the $2.00 coupon.  The others should make for some good deals on the right sale as well.


Posted by: on October 11, 2012 under Coupons

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