Now I am ignoring you – sorry

I think it is time to put this Blog on hold for a while.  In addition to a few small health issues, it has become an issue of ethics for me. I love couponing, deals and dashing for free things, but things at the stores are just not what they used to be.  I’ve never liked blogging a coupon deal that I didn’t understand or had the chance to test out myself.  Lately that testing phase has become problematic due to both time and my lack of patience with misinformed cashiers..  There is so much abuse out there and sometimes I feel I’m contributing to it.  Most deals aren’t worth the argument anymore and I find myself at Walmart more and more just to avoid it.   I need to re-think my blogging method and the items I post.  Now isn’t a good time for that, so a longer break is in order.

I started this blog to show a few friends how to stack store coupons with a manufacturer coupon in order to maximize savings at the stores and most of you have taken off on that and moved on to blogs with higher readership, but I’d appreciate it a great deal if you could stop by from time to time and click my coupon and affiliate links since the revenue from that helps me keep the hosting fees paid.  With a little luck my routine can resume to a point where I can start doing reviews and giveaways again.  I’m also back into product and beta testing and recently resumed my old sweepstakes hobby.  I’ve found it an enjoyable break and most likely will be back here in the near future to blog about some of those things.



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