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Today I am going to talk about something I really like and that is TEA!  The thing that is different about this tea (besides that it tastes really good) is that I received it from Shoplet Office Supplies!  I’ve blogged about Shoplet before and I’ve told you about just a few of the many office supplies that they carry there.  Even I didn’t realize that they carried organic, fair trade tea!  It makes sense as tea is a break room product, but I wouldn’t have thought I would find a high quality tea there.  Obviously I was wrong because there it is right there in their Coffee and Tea Center and now in my kitchen cabinet!

Shoplet sent me several of the different Numi Teas that they offer on their site and I was very impressed at the quality and taste.  As previously stated,  I love to drink tea and I always have tea bags in my desk drawer at work.  I drink it every afternoon after lunch and I must say that this is one of the better brands that I’ve tried in a long time!  I did a little research on Numi Teas and I learned that in addition to being organic and “fair trade”, they actually use real hand picked ingredients in them.  This means real flowers, real herbs and real spices to produce a premium quality tea.   I also like the fact that the tea bags are housed in biodegradable filter paper, which is good for the environment.    I tried three of the bagged teas and drank them all hot.

The first tea that I tried was the Aged Earl Grey with real Italian Bergamot.  This is a black tea with just a slight citrus tone to it.  This one was my favorite because it is strong, but not bitter and has just a little citrus undertone to it, which gave it a little more special taste then the typical black variety that I normally keep in my drawer!

My second favorite tea was the Breakfast Blend.  This one is also a black tea and the best way to describe it would be to say that it tastes “hearty” and a little bit “bold”.   I could easily substitute this for my morning cup of coffee.  It tasted delicious!

I decided to share my special tea and allowed my co-worker, Jason and let him pick which one he wanted to try.  Jason chose the Moroccan Mint and I made it for him.  I could really smell the minty flavor as it steeped in the cup and I almost took it back for myself!  I asked him how it tasted and he said “it is actually quite good” and that the mint really enhanced the teas flavor.  He was as surprised as I was at the quality and the flavor.

To wrap up my review, I will say that I’m definitely purchasing some more Numi Tea for both myself and for our office!

Shoplet sent me a sample box of  Numi Teas to use for this review. No Monetary compensation was received and these opinions are my own.

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